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Mobile wallet in India, Mobile wallet Welcome to Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen Wallet is your one stop shop that satiates all your online payment related needs.Oxigen Wallet is extremely easy to use and is all about convenience.

The first step to using Oxigen Wallet is getting yourself registered with us by creating a wallet. This can be done either by sending an SMS or by simply filling up a form online.

Under RBI wallet Guidelines Oxigen Wallets are Semi closed Wallets

Oxigen Wallet

The Oxigen Wallet is a virtual wallet that takes care of all your payment related needs!

There are 2 Types of Oxigen Wallets:

    Oxigen 10000 Wallet

The Oxigen 10000 Wallet can be used for a plethora of services such as Mobile/DTH/BroadBand recharges, Money transfer to any bank account/ wallet, Utility bill payments, Travel Ticketing, Music & Movie downloads, Sports subscription, Shopping on websites, Movie tickets on BookMyShow and a lot more.
Following are the limits for usage of Oxigen 10000 Wallet

Sr. No.




Maximum Balance limit per Wallet at any given point in time & cannot exceed

Rs. 10,000 /-


Transaction limits



Single Transaction Limit

Rs. 10,000 /-


Daily Limit

Rs 10,000 /-


Monthly limit *

Rs 10,000 /-

Deposit Cash in Wallet



In Single Transaction

Rs. 5,000 /-



Rs. 10,000 /-


Withdraw Cash

Not Allowed

* Oxigen 10000 Wallet- Monthly limit of all transaction can be Rs.20000/- in special case where unused limit of previous month may be included in next month.
*Example Available balance for all transaction on 31st Jan 2013 is Rs.10000/- then on 1st Feb 2013 User can spend this carry forwarded amount, top-up again with Rs.10000/ (for month of Feb.) and can spend Rs.10000, thus making total transaction for the month of Feb2013 Rs.20000.

The process of Oxigen 10000 Wallet creation is simple
Enter your details here or SMS Oxigen*Agree*DateofBirth*Full Name to  9870888888, and a Wallet would be automatically created and activated for you.

"By sending this sms, you have read and agreed with Oxigen Wallet terms and conditions as stated on"

You would receive your Wallet ID details with your Oxigen password (6 digits) by SMS on your registered Mobile number ( the number from which you have sent the SMS or the number you have filled in online)
Start using the wallet by loading money into wallet by paying Cash over the counter at an Oxigen retail outlet
By transferring money into your Wallet by using Net banking/IMPS.
On your first top-up of Wallet (10000), there is one time convenience charge of Rs.25 debited from your Wallet.
The maximum limit of the Oxigen 10000 Wallet, at any point of time, is Rs.10,000.
Please click here for “Terms of use”.

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    Oxigen 50000 Wallet
The Oxigen 50000 Wallet is a wallet that provides the user access to purchase all kinds of goods and services, from any website, without any restriction.

You can also use this type of Wallet to transfer money to another Oxigen Wallet or to any bank account within the country.

This Wallet can be used not only for payments on Oxigen Services, but also for Bill & Utility payments and can be used across all e-Commerce portals listed on its website and partner websites where Oxigen Wallet Payment gateway is deployed.

Some of these services are also accessible from the WAP-site from GPRS/3G enabled mobile.

As this Oxigen 50000 Wallet has the largest portfolio of services , you would need to register yourself online with identification.

After verification of your identity the following services may be used:

Mobile Recharges (2G/3G) DTH Recharges
Broadband Recharge Nokia Music Unlimited
Toll E-tag Bill Pay-All Bills for electricity,Gas,Water,Post paid bill payments
Air Tickets ,Rail Tickets ,Bus tickets Hotel rooms and Holiday Packages
e-Shopping across all ecommerce websites where Oxigen Wallet Payment gateway is enabled Wallet to Wallet money transfer between two Oxigen 50000 Wallets
Instant money transfer from Oxigen 50000 Wallet to any bank account or bank account to Oxigen 50000 Wallet

The process of Oxigen 50000 Wallet creation is very simple
  • Enter your details here
  • You would receive your Wallet ID details with your Oxigen password on an SMS on your registered Mobile number ( the number from which you have sent the SMS or the number you have filled in online)
  • Oxigen 50000 Wallet will have limit of Rs.10000, till your submitted KYC documents are accepted.
  • There is a mandatory requirement as per regulatory guidelines for any user of the Oxigen 50000 Wallet, to submit their personal Identification documents or "Know your Customer" (KYC) documents to be able to use this type of Wallet.
Any one of the following Documents for both ID and Address Proof:
  • Passport
  • Voter's ID Card
  • Driver's license (Learner's license is not acceptable)
  • Ration card which has a photograph of the applicant

Any one of the following Documents for ID Proof:
  • PAN Card
  • PSU/Government Department/Defense ID Cards
  • Photo Credit Card (not expired and must be primary cardholder)
Along With

Any one of the following Documents for Address Proof:
  • Bank Statement or Credit Card, or a statement issued by any Financial Institution or intermediary under the scope of Prevention of Money Laundering Act provided the account is live and the statement is not more than 3 month old
  • PAN intimation letter
  • Municipal tax/Water bill less than 1 year old
  • Income tax/Wealth tax assessment order
  • Copy of any Utility bill eg: Electricity bill/Telephone bill/Mobile Telephone bill showing residential address(not more than 3 months old)
  • Any document or communication issued by any authority of Central Government, State Government or local bodies showing residential address.
  • Registered Lease Deed
  • Letter issued by an employer(reputed MNCs, Large Corporates, Government Institutions as per pre-approved list)
Click here to know more and to submit your documentation for KYC

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    How to create your Oxigen Wallet
Now, your Oxigen Wallet can be created either by sending a simple SMS or online through the company website. Both the methods have been elaborated below for your convenience:
Type Oxigen*Agree*DOB(DDMMYY)*Full Name and send an SMS on 9870888888 to create your wallet through SMS.

"By sending this sms, you have read and agreed with Oxigen Wallet terms and conditions as stated at"
Register yourself on Oxigen Wallet and fill up a simple form to create your wallet with a few clicks on your key board.
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    Recharging your Oxigen Wallet
The Oxigen Wallet can be loaded with cash easily using Net Banking/Credit Card/Debit Card/ IMPS/Cash over Counter
Net Banking
To recharge your wallet through net banking services, all you have to do is fill up a simple form.
Debit Card & Credit Card
You can also recharge your Wallet through debit card and credit card by selecting the option of credit/debit card in the Payment options.
Using IMPS
You can also recharge your Wallet through IMPS with IMPS enabled partner banks.
Pay Cash at Oxigen Retail Outlets
Please Pay Cash Over the counter at Any Oxigen Retail Outlet or Partner Outlet
  • For Credit Card and Debit Cards:
    1. Rs. 1000 is the Maximum amount allowed per top up for Oxigen Wallet, per transaction, using debit card/credit card (Maximum Rs 1000 per transaction).
    2. Overall monthly limit on each debit card/credit card: Rs 2000 per card in 30 days, which means all transactions cannot exceed Rs.2000 in 30 days to top-up Oxigen Wallet using the same Debit/Credit card
  • For Customers using IMPS:
    1. Limits as prescribed by IMPS partner banks will apply.
    How to Purchase
Buying your favorite things through Oxigen Wallet is easier than you can even think of.
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