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Oxigen Wallet 50000

The Oxigen Wallet 50000 is a wallet that provides the user an access to purchase of all kinds of goods and services, from any website, without any restriction.

You can also use this type of Wallet to transfer money to another Oxigen Wallet 50000.

This Wallet can be used not only for payments for Oxigen Services, but also for Bill & Utility payments and can be used across all e-Commerce portals listed on its website and partner websites where Oxigen Wallet Payment Gateway is deployed.

Some of these services are also accessible from the wap-site from GPRS/3G enabled mobile.

As this Oxigen Wallet 50000 has the largest portfolio of services , you would need to register yourself online with identification.

Post verification of your identity the following services may be used:

Mobile Recharges (2G/3G) DTH Recharges
Broadband Recharge Nokia Mix Radio Unlimited
Toll E-tag Bill Pay-All Bills for electricity,Gas,Water,Post paid bill payments
Air Tickets ,Rail Tickets ,Bus tickets Hotel rooms and Holiday Packages
e-Shopping across all ecommerce websites where Oxigen Wallet Payment gateway is enabled Wallet to Wallet money transfer between two Oxigen Wallets 50000
Instant money transfer of Oxigen Wallet 50000 to any bank account
  • Any one of the following Documents for both ID and Address Proof:
    1. Passport
    2. Voter's ID Card
    3. Aadhaar Card
    4. Driver's license (Learner's license is not acceptable)
    5. Ration card which has a photograph of the applicant


  • Any one of the following Documents for ID Proof:
    1. PAN Card
    2. PSU/Government Department/Defence ID Cards
    3. Photo Credit Card (not expired and must be primary cardholder)

    Along With

  • Any one of the following Documents for Address Proof:
    1. Bank Statement or Credit Card, or a statement issued by any Financial Institution or intermediary under the scope of Prevention of Money Laundering Act provided the account is live and the statement is not more than 3 month old
    2. PAN intimation letter
    3. Municiple tax/Water bill less than 1 year old
    4. Income tax/Wealth tax assessment order
    5. Copy of any Utility bill eg: Electricity bill/Telephone bill/Mobile Telephone bill showing residential address(not more than 3 months old)
    6. Any document or communication issued by any authority of Central Goverment, State Goverment or local bodies showing residential address.
    7. Registered Lease Deed
    8. Letter issued by an employer(reputed MNCs, Large Corporates, Government Institutions as per pre-approved list)
  • please mention the following information on the scanned document :
    • Kind attention: Oxigen Wallet
    • Your name
    • Your Oxigen Wallet registered mobile number
    • Your e-mail ID
* Note: Once you have uploaded KYC document on Oxigen Wallet website

  • You have to visit an Oxigen web enabled retailer for physical verification, with Original documents as submitted on website, and give copy of these documents by signing the photocopy and one passport size photograph. Click here for the Outlet search, closest to you. Do call 0124 6773377, to find a retailer close to you.
  • Once you reach the Oxigen web retail outlet, you will need to give the retailer your mobile number for KYC verification.
  • Retailer will log into the online verification section, once he enters your mobile number into the system, he will trigger the system to send you a system generate the One time Password.
  • Oxigen will send you an SMS with a One Time Password (OTP).
  • This One Time Password needs to be given by you to the Oxigen retailer, so that he can enter it into your "document submitted" section.
  • Now the retailer can view the document that you have uploaded on the KYC link.

    1. Oxigen retailer will log into your Oxigen Wallet KYC information, based on the one time password received by you over SMS.
    2. Oxigen retailer will confirm “Original Seen & Verified” for the KYC document acceptability using Oxigen credentials provided.
  • Post KYC verification and acceptance, the Wallet limit is raised to Rs 50,000 maximum value.
  • The KYC documents with Photograph need to reach Oxigen from retailer.
  • Now you can top up your Oxigen Wallet 50000 with an amount up to Rs.50,000/- .You can load or top up money into wallet from an Oxigen retail outlet or by using IMPS from IMPS enabled partner banks on your mobile or through net banking.
    • To activate your wallet, there is a convenience charge of Rs.50 debited to your wallet in case you load your wallet by paying cash at an Oxigen Retailer.
    • Start using the wallet
    • The maximum limit of the Oxigen Wallet 50000 , at any point of time, is Rs.50,000.
    • Please click here for “Terms of use”.
    • Please update your online profile after creating your wallet by selecting the update your profile tab on the page.
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